Unit for Engineering Mathematics
at the Institute for Basic Sciences in Engineering Science

Preprint Series

N. Yu. Bakaev,
        An essay on the concept of limit.
        1-2005 (.pdf  64k).

M. Hochbruck, A. Ostermann,
        Explicit exponential Runge-Kutta methods for semilinear parabolic problems.
        4-2004 (.pdf  342k).

A. Ostermann,
        Sensitivity analysis.
        3-2004 (.pdf 163k).

C. Garetto,
        Topological structures in Colombeau algebras and duality theory.
2-2004 (.pdf 505k).

M. Hochbruck, A. Ostermann,
        Exponential Runge-Kutta methods for parabolic problems.
        1-2004 (.pdf 166k).

C. Garetto, T. Gramchev, M. Oberguggenberger,
Pseudodifferential operators with generalized symbols and regularity theory.
8-2003 (.pdf 373k).
M. Oberguggenberger,
Fuzzy and weak solutions to differential equations.
7-2003 (.ps 236k).
M. Oberguggenberger,
Fuzzy-Logik - Was ist das?
5-2003 (.pdf 296k).
M. Oberguggenberger,
Beschreibende Statistik - Beispiele für den Unterricht.
4-2003 (.pdf 597k).
W. Fellin, A. Ostermann
Objective integration and geometric properties of hypoplasticity.
3-2003 (.ps 673k ).
A. Ostermann, M. Thalhammer, G. Kirlinger
Stability of linear multistep methods and applications to nonlinear parabolic problems.
2-2003 (.pdf 247k).
W. Fellin, A. Ostermann
Using constitutive models of the rate type in finite element calculations:
error-controlled stress update and consistent tangent operator.

1-2003 (.ps 704k ).
W. Fellin, A. Ostermann
Consistent tangent operators for constitutive rate equations.
Th. Fetz,
Sets of Joint Probability Measures Generated by Weighted Marginal Focal Sets.
4-2001 (.pdf 175k).
M. Oberguggenberger, F. Russo,
Fuzzy, probabilistic and stochastic modelling of an elastically bedded beam.
3-2001 (.ps 244k).
M. Thalhammer
Runge-Kutta Time Discretization of Fully Nonlinear Parabolic Problems.
2-2001 (.ps 1846k).
M. Oberguggenberger
Symmetry Groups, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, and Generalized functions.
1-2001 (.ps 196k).
M. Oberguggenberger
Generalized functions, nonlinear partial differential equations, and Lie groups.
11-2000 (.ps 169k).
M. Oberguggenberger
Generalized functions in nonlinear models - a survey.
10-2000 (.ps 184k).
N. Bakaev, A. Ostermann
Long-term stability of variable stepsize approximations of semigroups.
9-2000 (.ps 315k).
A. Ostermann
Stability of W-methods with applications to operator splitting and to geometric theory.
8-2000 (.ps 225k).
A. Ostermann, M. Thalhammer
Convergence of Runge-Kutta method for nonlinear parabolic equations.
7-2000 (.ps 250k).
M. Oberguggenberger
Fuzzy Logik, Statistik, Risiko und Unschärfe.
6-2000 (.doc 64k).
M. Oberguggenberger, F. Russo,
Singular Limiting Behavior in Nonlinear Stochastic Wave Equations.
5-2000 (.ps 219k).
M. Oberguggenberger,
Multiplication of Distributions and Generalized Function Algebras.
4-2000 (.ps 218k).
P. Kaps, M. Mössner, W. Nachbauer:
Kurvenradius bei geschnittenen Schwüngen.
3-2000 (.ps 213k). Siehe auch unter Publikationen Dr. Kaps.
Y.-G. Wang, M. Oberguggenberger,
Semilinear Geometric Optics for Generalized Solutions.
2-2000 (.ps 210k).
C. González, A. Ostermann, C. Palencia, M. Thalhammer
Backward Euler Discretization of Fully Nonlinear Parabolic Problems
1-2000 (.ps 313k).
Th. Fetz, M. Oberguggenberger, S. Pittschmann
Applicatons of possibility and evidence theory in civil engineering.
3-1999 (.ps 640k).
A. Ostermann, C. Palencia
Shadowing for nonautonomous parabolic problems with applications to long-time error bounds.
2-1999 (.ps 313k).
A. Ostermann, M. Thalhammer
Non-smooth data error estimates for linearly implicit Runge-Kutta methods.
1-1999 (.ps 250k).
R. Hermann, M. Oberguggenberger
Ordinary differential equations and generalized functions
5-1998 (.ps 169k)
F. Russo, M. Oberguggenberger
White noise driven stochastic partial differential equations: triviality and non-triviality
4-1998 (.ps 212k)
M. Kunzinger, M. Oberguggenberger
Group analysis of differential equations and generalized functions
3-1998 (.ps 305k)
M. Oberguggenberger , S. Pittschmann
Differential equations with fuzzy prameters
2-1998 (.ps 467k)
A. Ostermann
Nonlinear stability of numerical methods.
1-1998 (.ps 219k)
D. Schötzau, Ch. Schwab, R. Stenberg
Mixed hp-FEM on anisotropic meshes II: hanging nodes and tensor products of boundary layer meshes
5-1997 (.ps 373k)
Th. Fetz , J. Jäger, D. Köll, G. Krenn, H. Lessmann, M. Oberguggenberger, A. Rieser, R.F. Stark
Fuzzy models in geotechnical engineering and construction management
4-1997 (.ps 818k) 
C. Gonzáles, A. Ostermann
Optimal convergence results for Runge-Kutta discretizations of linear nonautonomous parabolic problems
3-1997 (.ps 445k)
Ch. Lubich , A. Ostermann
Hopf bifurcation of reaction-diffusion and Navier-Stokes equations under discretization
2-1997 (.ps 226k)
D. Chapelle, R. Stenberg
An optimal low-order locking-free finite element method for Reissner-Mindlin plates 
1-1997 (.ps 239k)

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